March 3, 2007

WELL... it's great!

Ten or so of us (including a few of the crew who sadly never get to see our shows from the audience's perspective) enjoyed a private run-thru of Well up in the rehearsal hall today. This show plays so nicely, even in an ugly gray rehearsal hall with no lighting, sound effects or scenery. It has a way of drawing you right in, and I soon found myself drawing parallels in my own relationships with my parents. Lisa effortlessly takes you along for the bumpy ride, and you will QUICKLY fall in love with Mom Ann Kron. The rest of the cast is delightful! I have not laughed so much in a LONG time. I'm sorry that you have to wait until next Friday to share this experience...

The above photo was taken by Eric Antoniou, and it shows not a scene in the show, but one of MANY moments when Mary Pat Gleason got the better of Lisa and her cast mates during rehearsals. Did I mention she's funny?

Focus went well, and so did our little dry tech. Scenic Designer Tony Walton arrived in time to help us out tonight, and we look forward to seeing the rest of the team here tomorrow for our first full technical rehearsal. I also enjoyed the chance to sit with Director Leigh Silverman tonight and get to know her just a bit... nice sense of humor! I like that in a director.

Tomorrow we'll begin with ten hours of full tech rehearsal, including costumes. I'm sure I'll find something of interest to post about. Until then...

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