July 23, 2010

Red Hot Summer Fun - Huntington Style

Are you bummed that we don't produce over the summer? Have no fear. There's plenty going on and we have some recommendations:

THURSDAY, JULY 29:  We're all grabbing red blankets and picnic baskets and heading to Boston Common for a Huntington flash mob of sorts at Commonwealth Shakespeare's production of Othello. Join us and show your support for Comm Shakes and your love for the Huntington. This event is sponsored by our 35 Below gang, and you can learn more about the event on Facebook, and RSVP right here. Remember to bring your RED blankets and see if you can score one of our RED buttons!

Oh yah! We built the set. Right here in our Huntington Ave Production Facilities. I went down to the Common, near the Parkman Bandstand, yesterday to check things out. All looks great -  here are a couple of photos.

The Othello set under construction on Boston Common.

Our crew taking a well deserved break from the heat, humidity and sun.

If you can't join us on the 29th, Othello runs July 28 thru August 15.