December 30, 2008

Censured? No

We had a fair response (here) from our audiences that came to see Rock n Roll earlier this season. The latest comment came in over the holidays with the following note attached:

[Todd--I hope this remarks won't need moderation or censureship.]

I thought it worthy of a general response.

The moderation feature is enabled only so that I can review comments prior to posting them live on the site.

I will publish all opinion as long as it is at least somewhat relevant and contains no more than what I feel is a reasonable quotient of foul language. This is also the criteria I use myself when writing here. I really do want to hear what you think about the work that goes on here at the Huntington. I am not afraid of opinion - I find it's variety to be fascinating - and encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, opinion, with us and our readers.

The blog software I use does not allow edits - so I cannot censure expletives nor fix spelling errors. I use the "moderation" feature only because I have received some comments that I can only describe as "spam" and I have exercised my prerogative to spare you from them.

The result is that when you make a comment it will not appear right away. I get a text message when you submit a post so I know to log on and take a look - but that still can take some time. Sometimes I'll delay so I can craft a response, sometimes I'm busy with other work responsibilities, and sometimes I'll delay because I am enjoying the holidays with family. Please be patient.

If you have a specific issue that you would like us to respond directly to then send me an email or use our feedback form so we know how to contact you.

Happy New Year!


December 22, 2008

Judy Gold - this weekend!

Emmy Award-winning comedian Judy Gold returns to the Huntington with her outrageous stand-up comedy after last year’s triumphant 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother. Bold, brass, and clocking in at 6’3”, Judy is ready to divulge all the comic highs and lows of being a Jewish, lesbian, working mom raising two boys in New York City. Judy’s electric humor and outlandish opinions are enough to keep anyone rolling in the aisle all night long.

Tickets and Information about Judy Gold is Mommy Queerest, playing December 26-31, 2008, can be found at Performances are at the Calderwood Pavlion at the BCA, 527 Tremont St, Boston, MA. Buy tickets online or call our box office at 617 266-0800

December 17, 2008


Here are a few behind the scenes photos...

This is the Deane Rehearsal Hall - all dressed up for our Cabaret series - Upstairs at the Calderwood. Photo: Mark S. Howard

Same room - two days later for the first rehearsal of The Corn is Green

Producing Director Chris Wigle and Kate Burton (Miss Moffat) catch up at 1st rehearsal

and here is our Marketing Department underneath our Corn is Green banner at the Huntington Ave entrance to the Prudential Center.

December 16, 2008

Previews and Parties

We're sending out a "break a leg" to Peter DuBois and the company of Becky Shaw at Second Stage Theatre in NY. The production, directed by DuBois, begins previews tonight. You can read more about the production at 2ST,, and/or

Huntington staffers will be raising a toast to the NY company from our holiday party this evening.

Despite extensive belt tightening and budget cutting we've managed to hang on to our annual holiday tradition (we hear even Harvard has scaled back on it's holiday celebrations!) holding it this year in the Roberts Studio Theatre, Calderwood Pavlion at the Boston Center for the Arts. We finagled a deal with the management for a reduced rent. Oh yah - we manage and operate that facility - don't we. The space is being reconfigured (sans seating risers) for a New Year's Eve rental - so we're taking advantage. Thanks as ever to our generous board for providing the food and drink.

Our event will feature what has become an intense "Holiday Bake-off" competition amongst staff. I'll be so glad when it's over. My associate has been going on about frosting and "Ho Ho Ho Bars" all day. Threats from the development staff have caused me to withdraw my entry (I am in fear for my personal safety).

I've also heard rumors that the Huntington's Santa suit has been pulled from storage and delivered to the office of one particular managing director. Seems that a call for the reinstatement of a politically incorrect yet particularly amusing long lost Holiday tradition was made through the staff suggestion box.

I hope to have a photo or two for you tomorrow... (added 12/18)

The Judges - Joey, Bevin and Anna - there were a lot of entries. They have not eaten since.

The Maso prize for excellence in presentation went to "The Nutcraker Suite" by Penney, Becky, Denise and Barbara

Joey, Todd and Rebecca

Temple and Vawnya

Lisa, Mary - our first place winner for a truly decadent triple chocolate cake - and Howard

Tyler, Chris, and Sam (Adams)

December 11, 2008

Project Ghostlight

This TV pilot was filmed here last year during the run of Third by a couple of recent BU grads. The history part is fun, and mostly accurate. In my experience our ghosts have never really been all that scary - in fact they seem quite benevolent. And not particularly inclined to appear on cue. It's really no surprise that the attempts at ghost hunting didn't pay off. Oops - was that a spoiler?