September 29, 2010

Bus Stop Audience Comments

Ronete Levenson (as Elma Duckworth), Noah Bean (as Bo Decker), Karen MacDonald (as Grace Hoylard) and Will LeBow (as Carl) in the Huntington Theatre Company's Production of Bus Stop playing through October 17, 2010 at the Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston MA

The post show feedback has been very positive with our audiences; Bus Stop seems to be a hit. Audience members are telling us that it's fun, there's substance behind the laughs, a real sense of loneliness within the comedy, and people seem to be taken by surprise at the ending. How did you think the play would end?

Stephen Lee Anderson (as Virgil Blessing) and Noah Bean (as Bo Decker) in the Huntington Theatre Company's Production of Bus Stop playing through October 17, 2010 at the Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston MA

What did you talk about on the way home? We'd love to hear what you thought about Bus Stop - please leave your comments here.

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Post show Audience Conversations take place, with a member of the Huntington staff, following most performances. Click here for a complete calendar of Bus Stop events

The Huntington Theatre Company's Production of Bus Stop is playing through October 17, 2010 at the Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave, Boston MA. For tickets and information click here or call our box office at 617 266-0800

September 22, 2010

Breaking Ground Series continues

Contributed by Lisa Timmel
We’ve been busy and we haven’t been blogging!

Readings, readings, readings!

We kicked of this year’s Breaking Ground Reading Series in late August with HPF Patrick Gabridge’s powerful historical drama FIRE ON EARTH which chronicles the struggles of William Tyndale and his friends as they illegally translate the Bible into English.  Recently, Patrick wrote a couple of posts about life as a playwright in Boston on his blog,  Check it out.

LONG SEASON returns!
Right after Labor Day, collaborators Chay Yew and Fabian Obispo headed back to the rehearsal room in New York to rework their epic musical about the lives and loves of Filipino cannery workers in 1920’s Alaska.  They ended up with a really tight structure and some fantastic new songs. 

… next up

Directed by Jessica Bauman
Friday, September 24th at 7pm
Calderwood Pavillion at the BCA—Wimberley Theatre

Jack Hitt tells extravagant, true tales — a yarn about the childhood neighbor who was one of the first men to become a woman, or his apartment super with a deadly secret identity. But, the stories always lead people to ask, did that really happen? The Atlantic Monthly recently called This American Life contributer Jack Hitt "one of America's best storytellers." In his new show, Making Up the Truth, he shares his stories and learns that, of all things, new scientific breakthroughs point to an answer to that question: Do extraordinary things only happen to certain people, or do we all swim unaware in a sea of the uncanny and unbelievable?

Jack Hitt is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and public radio's This American Life.

- Lisa

September 21, 2010

Subscriber and Friends Reception

Hi everyone! Temple Gill, Director of Marketing, here. I generally feel strongly that you all want to hear more from our artistic and production departments rather than from marketing folk, but wanted to share some news with you about our Subscriber and Friends Reception.
Last night, we opened our doors to about 120 Huntington subscribers and guests for our annual subscriber reception. Subscribers enjoyed taking backstage tours, hearing a season preview talk, and meeting our staff, and it gave us the opportunity to meet many of our terrific subscribers and hear about the things they love about the Huntington.
The backstage tours were an absolute highlight – subscribers got a chance to go up on stage with members of our production staff to see the set of Bus Stop, and go backstage to visit our scene shops and costume shops, where all of our wonderful staff artisans create our fabulous sets and costumes. One group of ladies told me that this was the third year in a row they’ve taken a tour and that they love that they learn more and that it’s different every time. I feel that way, too, even though I work here, and enjoyed hearing our production team talk about how they make it snow steadily during Bus Stop, what went into repainting the stage floor yesterday afternoon, and how they found vintage jeans and a cowboy jacket for our leading man. It gives me a new appreciation of the show and what my colleagues across the street are going through!
After the tours, everyone settled into the theatre to speak with Artistic Director Peter DuBois and Managing Director Michael Maso. Peter described each of the shows of our season, and then the pair took great questions from the audience. Thanks so much to everyone who attended and to all of our staff who helped out! And if you couldn’t make it this year, I hope you all will join us next time!

September 16, 2010

Working with Nicky Martin - Bus Stop

We recently asked Jared Craig to tell us what it's like to work with Nicholas Martin on Bus Stop. Here's what he had to say!

Working with Nicholas Martin has been incredibly inspiring to me both as an actor in THE CORN IS GREEN and as his assistant for BUS STOP. 

My experience with him on BUS STOP has given me the opportunity to observe actors working with one of the wittiest, funniest, and technically savvy directors of our time. The level of specificity that Nicky demands (and the high quality of actors he casts) means that every rehearsal is like a master class in acting. 

It's great to watch him work on a scene because he really respects actors and sees what ideas they bring to the table and then couples those with his own ideas.  The group comes together in a way that is unlike most rehearsal processes. It is theatrical collaboration in the purest sense and any actor who has worked with Nicky will probably say the same thing. 

I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with him in THE CORN IS GREEN and now with BUS STOP.  I think that anyone who sees BUS STOP will enjoy Nicky's masterful ensemble directing and the brilliant acting of this cast. I know that I do! - Jared

Thanks Jared... I know that there are many other folks out there who have had a great experience working with Nicky. Sound like you? Take a moment and share your story - click here to comment!