December 30, 2008

Censured? No

We had a fair response (here) from our audiences that came to see Rock n Roll earlier this season. The latest comment came in over the holidays with the following note attached:

[Todd--I hope this remarks won't need moderation or censureship.]

I thought it worthy of a general response.

The moderation feature is enabled only so that I can review comments prior to posting them live on the site.

I will publish all opinion as long as it is at least somewhat relevant and contains no more than what I feel is a reasonable quotient of foul language. This is also the criteria I use myself when writing here. I really do want to hear what you think about the work that goes on here at the Huntington. I am not afraid of opinion - I find it's variety to be fascinating - and encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, opinion, with us and our readers.

The blog software I use does not allow edits - so I cannot censure expletives nor fix spelling errors. I use the "moderation" feature only because I have received some comments that I can only describe as "spam" and I have exercised my prerogative to spare you from them.

The result is that when you make a comment it will not appear right away. I get a text message when you submit a post so I know to log on and take a look - but that still can take some time. Sometimes I'll delay so I can craft a response, sometimes I'm busy with other work responsibilities, and sometimes I'll delay because I am enjoying the holidays with family. Please be patient.

If you have a specific issue that you would like us to respond directly to then send me an email or use our feedback form so we know how to contact you.

Happy New Year!


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