February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

Not a whole heck of a lot to report today;

We're getting ready for Leigh Silverman, Lisa Kron, and Mary Pat Gleason to arrive later this week for Well rehearsals. The remainder of the cast will be here next week, and I'll post some "Meet and Greet" photos then. Meanwhile our scene shop is assembling, retrofitting, and otherwise sprucing up the set. The props are all unpacked and ready to go, and the costume shop has been lining up sources to re-build all of the wigs (thanks Jason!) and doing some minor alterations to the clothes in anticipation of fittings.

The design team consists of Tony Walton (scenery), Miranda Hoffman (costumes), Chris Akerlind (Lighting), and John Gromada (Original Music and Sound). Tony Walton, as far as I know, is here for the first time. Miranda designed our fall production of Mauritius, Chris hasn't been here for a number of years (Seven Guitars, 1995), and John returns having done Rabbit Hole earlier this season.

We're also working away on Persephone, with a short video clip of Props Master Kris Holmes (off Camera) and Associate TD Adam Godbout prototyping an "insta-bloom" flower. I won't say much more to avoid a spoiler, but let's just say there is a lot of R&D going on for this production.

In closing; we're missing the Cherry Orchard cast already. Here's one last photo; Dick Latessa was spotted at Uno Chicago Grill following a Friday night performance. The two ladies had a note delivered to Mr. Latessa on a napkin, asking him if he would mind taking a picture. He kindly obliged. (R to L) Elisha Sawyer, Latessa, Ashley Wadsworth. Elisha is a sophomore BU student and a new intern in our education department.

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