February 21, 2007

Kiki & Herb: Alive from Broadway

I've been hinting about something happening in the Wimberly in June for a while. Here it is...

Kiki & Herb: Alive from Broadway will be playing at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA for a limited engagement June 13-30, 2007.

This is NOT the usual Huntington fare but will be great fun and a good fit for the Wimberly Theatre. Tickets are on sale now to our subscribers, and go on sale to the general public on Monday, March 5th. Further Huntington info about Kiki & Herb, including ticketing is here.

Kiki & Herb have a website here that includes the NY Times review of the Broadway production being reprised, a myspace page here, and lots of video on You Tube. Below is a clip titled "People Die".

Disclaimer: Adult Content, Equal Opportunity Offenders, Be prepared to laugh whilst taking umbrage. And to that girl who is singing along; enuf already!

"Pure Marketing", you say??? Nah - this is a personal reccomendation. Have you seen Kiki & Herb? Tell us about it. Click on "Join the conversation" below.


Huntington Theatre Company said...

Hi Todd! Temple Gill, here, the Huntington's Director of Marketing. I just wanted to add my two cents to say that, indeed, we did not coerce you into plugging Kiki & Herb (which is not to say that I'm not pleased to see it mentioned here!). Also wanted to let you know that Catherine Peterson from ArtsBoston told me she's a fan of the blog (hooray!), and I encouraged her to come on and make a comment (please!). Talk to you soon!

Liana said...

I saw a Kikki and Herb Christmas show in NYC ages ago and bought their CD. we listen to it every Christmas. They are are fabulous and I'm incredably excited to see them in Boston!