February 2, 2007

New Toys

My previously planned Friday post has been delayed, so I thought I would try out a new blog toy... a live poll widget. I like toys. Widgets are good. It's from polldaddy.com - how could one possibly resist? And polls can be fun. Really. Give it a try...

What other topics would make for a fun poll? Click on "Join the conversation!" below and let me know.


I found another toy tonight. I'll now be sharing news and blog items of interest (at least of interest to me) with you. Look for Todd's reading list on the right hand sidebar.

BTW - Kate Burton was WONDERFUL on Grey's Anatomy last night. Missed it? Watch the episode titled Wishin' and Hopin' here.


Anonymous said...

How about "Which Huntington favorite do you want to see more of?" This could be actors, directors, or writers!

Todd Williams said...

tough question to ask in a multiple choice format. You can still tell us, though. Just add your comments here.