February 20, 2007

Well, Well, Well

Today was our Meet and Greet for Well. We all gathered for a little nosh and nod with the entire cast now in town. Everyone in the company who was working today, and could get away from their work for a little while, headed over to the rehearsal hall to say hello.

I only have a couple photos, sorry. I was too busy eating. Here's Nicky Martin entertaining Director Leigh Silverman, Lisa Kron (who plays Lisa Kron, in this play about Lisa Kron, written by Lisa Kron), and General Manager Gilbert Medina... from whom I am expecting a phone call at any moment asking me to remove his photo. Something about union rules. Really though; he and Leigh are much more attractive when they're in focus.

Leigh told us that she enjoyed last week's rehearsals with Mary Pat Gleason immensely (I understate) and it's clear that we're in for a great production with these new cast members.

Mary Pat plays Ann Kron; Lisa's Mom. I seem to have many photos of the back of Mary Pat's head. Here's one of her chatting up the costume department; Costume Director Nancy Brennan, Costume Designer Miranda Hoffman, and Design Assistant Lynn Hoffman. In the background is Development's Katie DeBonville, and Yours Truly (eating).

If you didn't get enough of Mary Pat above, here's a sneak peek at the chair where she spends most of the play. Use your imagination, but please, don't touch.

To find out more about Mary Pat (and see her frontside) check out her Stopping Traffic website and be sure to click on the Media link. It features some great video clips from an array of her television appearances.

We'll be in performances again in 17 days... and then off on our spring marathon that brings the following three shows in fast order. Persephone in late March/early April , La Boheme in mid April, and Present Laughter in mid May. Looks like we'll have an early June offering in the Wimberly too... stay tuned.

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