February 23, 2007

Rehearsal Report - WELL

Things are going great up in the rehearsal hall for Well. Here are some excerpts from yesterday's daily report from Stage Manager Steve Kaus to the production staff:

Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 11:00a – 7:00p
Rehearsal # 8


1) A long and EXTREMELY productive day of rehearsal today. We started the day with a photographer in rehearsal snapping photos of the first scene. After photos, we worked with Ms. Gleason on her end of show monologue. We also worked the top of the show for an hour before we broke for lunch. After lunch we began staging the ensemble into the play. We moved exceptionally fast this afternoon while staging and found ourselves further into the play than expected. We had time left at the end of the day to review the majority of the work we did today. Everyone did great work today and was exhausted by the time we called it quits.
2) Tomorrow we will continue on from where we stopped today. The day will start with scene work for Ms. Gleason and Ms. Kron. Our hope is to have time to review work at the end of the day again.

1) The metal clipboard holders at the end of the beds should match the brushed aluminum trim on the beds.
2) The chip bags we have in rehearsal are too big. We’re looking for the SMALL kids lunch size.
3) Some of the cupcakes have come unglued from the plate. Can you re-glue when you get a chance.
4) The stack of Styrofoam coffee cups will need to be glued to the table. There should still be removable cups from the stack…we just need to prevent the stack from tipping over.
5) The props on the coffee service table will need some touchup work. We can chat more later.
6) Mr. Domingo and Mr. McAdams will need ID badges made for their nurse costumes. They should be hospital style (picture, name, etc./laminated/clipped onto scrubs).
7) We will need two new notebooks. (Green, Staples composition style)

1) None.

1) On Pg. 20, Mr. Domingo will be entering as “Nurse 2”. This is not in the script…so FYI.
2) Mr. McAdams would like small doctor’s glasses for when he plays HEAD NURSE.
3) Can we have Ms. Kron’s “Young Lisa” wig in rehearsal? Thanks.
4) We still need a pair of glasses for Ms. Grays and one more chain for glasses on necks. Thanks.

1) None.

1) None.

1) JMK – Photos went smoothly this morning. Thanks for coordinating.
2) M&M – Program proof received…we’ll get it back to you by Monday.

PS> Marketing sent along a link to Mary Pat Gleason's Stopping Traffic website. Be sure to click on the Media link. It features some great video clips from an array of her film and television appearances.

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