March 15, 2007

Have you seen WELL?

Everyone's talking about Well! Here's the cast taking their bows.

Have you seen it? We'd like to know what you thought about the experience. We've been holding coffee chats following the preview performances and had some fun and lively discussions. I thought we'd try to get a little discussion going here.

Was Well what you expected it to be?

Which character did you root for, or relate to, the most?

Which turn of events surprised you the most?

What do you admire about your mother? What is it about your Mother that frustrates you? How are you like your mother?

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Todd Williams said...

Wow... I'm a little surprised at the low response. Good experiment I guess.

I'll answer for the heck of it...

I did not know what to expect when I first saw it. I knew it was going to be different, but you never really "figure it out" until the end.

Ann Kron, of course, is who I rooted for. Having seen both Jane Houdyshell and Mary Pat Gleason perform the role, and both were fantastic, I think that Lisa wrote the character this way intentionally.

The moment that floored me the most when I first saw the play was when Mary Pat broke character. Such a shock when it should not have been a shock at all.

My Mom... reads this blog. I admire her faith and her innate belief of the good within others.

She saw Well last night with my sister. They wondered if the back wall was supposed to break after Lori came through it. Why do you think it did that?

Margery Williams said...

Enjoyed the show, and the audience reactions to comments made on relationships were as entertaining as the show itself. Lots of laughs, lots of insights that were right on the mark, great performances by the actors. I saw my mother, my lover, and myself throughout, and wondered what my daughter sitting next to me was thinking!