March 6, 2007

Well Treats - Reader Rewards

These cupcakes, cookies, and pie might look good enough to eat but I would not recommend it. They're props, and they've never even been ANYWHERE near an oven.

I do, however, have a treat just for you - our loyal blog readers.

The Huntington has allowed me to extend our online offer for $25 tickets to Well for performances March 9 through March 16. The catch... well no catch really, but we'd love it if you'd tell ALL of your friends about WELL once you've seen it. Head to our website here, choose your performance (3/9-3/16 only) and then click the select seating link. You should then log in using promo code 1132 to get the $25 tickets. Enjoy!

We are now 1/2 way through our second day of tech. Sunday went very well and today we are taking our time reviewing what we did then, with a few improvements and changes. The hospital beds that move on and off stage were not moving quite fast enough on Sunday. We made some adjustments yesterday, and now they are zipping right out there. I'm going to refrain from telling you much about the technical elements of this show before we open. I'd like you to see it first... then we can talk.

We have an invited dress rehearsal on Thursday Eve and, knock wood, we will be in great shape and ready for an audience.

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