March 28, 2007

Comedy with a Side of Darkness

I don't have much time these days to write my own content, so you'll have to suffice with my just passing things along for a while.

I borrowed this post's title from the Boston Globe, who published a
nice feature article on Persephone today.

I do have an update to the article. We had a casting change just yesterday and the role of Demeter is now being played by Boston actress and Huntington Playwriting Fellow Melinda Lopez. Melinda joined us yesterday for our second tech and her first rehearsal. It's tough to come into a production at this stage of the game and Melinda is doing wonderfully. I think you'll really enjoy her performance.

Here's a photo of the Act I set under construction this week.


Anonymous said...

Why the cast change??

Todd Williams said...

Artistic differences; which are bound to happen occasionally.

I'm thrilled that Melinda has joined us, she's one of Boston's most respected theatre artists and a great friend of the Huntington.