March 21, 2007

Persephone et al

You might have noticed that the cast list below shows "et al" as the roles for Mimi, Seth and Jerry.

They've not got it easy. Here's a sampling of the "et al" roles they are playing:

Mimi - Celia, dead Gus, Hooker, Liberty, Singer, Miss Certainty, Girl, Persephone

Seth - Giuseppe, EMT, Cop, Homeless Man, Old Man, Snowball Boy, Grafitti Boy, John, Rapist

Jerry - Alfonso, Harpist, Mouse, EMT, Priest, Businessman, Wino, Drug Dealer, Rat and corpse(s).

The role of Demeter, while not involving so many costume changes, has it's own challenges. You try sitting still for 45 minutes.

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