March 20, 2007

Catching up

Here's a number of newsy bits, reminiscences, and some desert:

Ann McLaughlin, who is better than any search engine I've found yet, sent this along today. We have only a few more days before Ann abandons us. See you for sheet cake on Thursday, buddy!

Persephone sound designer and composer Mark Bennett gets great reviews for his work on Stoppard's Coast of Utopia. Take a look AND listen here.

Poetry Out Loud Massachusetts semifinals were snowed out last weekend, so Regis College stepped up and offered some space for an expanded day of combined finals. Thanks, and good luck to all of the competitors. For more info click here.

Meredith, our Marketing Manager, passed along some pics of Huntington alumni Matt and Melinda at their recent wedding. Congrats you two!

Donna Glick sent along this email from a grateful student:

I was a student in Steve Barkheimer's "Acting II" and Bobbie Steinbecks "Scene Study" classes at Huntington. I recently completed a film which will be released in June 07 and the website is up and online. I just wanted to let you at Huntington know that you are credited on the site for teaching me acting. I included you in my "bio" on the site.

I loved my teachers at Huntington and learned so much from them in the


I heard from Frank Simpson, who is apparently still having nightmares:


I woke this morning thinking of the Huntington, due perhaps to a dream not remembered. The phrase "we had it good for a while there" keeps floating through my mind. When I tell Theatre stories to others in the industry, more often than not they feature people and events from my time at the Huntington, which, seven years later, is still the most fun I've had working in Theatre. I miss the people, the sense of community, the beautiful sets, and the old BU Theatre.

I wish there was a spot we all could go and catch up, I'd love to know what the old gang is up to. Folks Like Andrew Cancellari, Jen Brown, John Duncan, and just so many more people who are prominent in my memories, but alas who's names are only half-remembered. I suppose I could set up something on some website but I doubt we'd all find our way there.

I'm out here in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas to be exact. I've been working as a Rigger and Fabricator on Cirque Du Soleil's "KA'" at the MGM Grand for the last three years. I get to work on and maintain rigged units that weigh as much as a 747, and many of my actions each day have life and death implications for everyone in the theatre, it's exhilarating. I'm very proud of my work on this show, but I find that I miss the Theatre, and the changing shows and sets of the Huntington.

I enjoyed reading your blog, it brought my nostalgia to a head, and I had to write and say hello. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might remember me. Jollina and I and the girls are doing quite well. Let me know how things are there.

Frank Simpson

Frank! Great to hear from you. Things here are well - someday you and Jollina (also Huntington Alumni) have to come visit the new theatre and catch up, if Cirque can spare you some time. I'll pass the picture of you and your angels around to the staff.

Frank's note came in towards the end of my stay in Phoenix where I had the pleasure of talking with many many people with fond memories of, and respect for, the Huntington. I've also heard, in recent days, of word from designers Ralph Funicello, David Gordon, and Eugene Lee crowing about what wonderful experiences they've had here.

It's a great opportunity to remind everyone that we are collecting these great stories as part of our 25th Anniversary Season. There are hundreds of staffers and guest artists, as well as tens of thousands of subscribers, who have all had unique and memorable experiences at the Huntington, and we hope that a few more of them will find their way to share these stories with us. You can mail yours to

If your still with me after all of that;

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to check out the botanical gardens. Phoenix has a beaut. I grabed my camera, braved the 92 degree desert, and took a few photos this past Sunday. Click here if you'd like to take a look. Yes - I doctored the color saturation.

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