March 7, 2007

Persephone in da house

This week we dive head first into all there is to discover in Noah Haidle's Persephone. We'll not be bored. Here staffers Mary Lauve, Adam Roberts and Austin Nathaniel contemplate the set model, designed by David Korins. They're good sports. I made them pose after I missed the shot the first time. Such intensity and verisimilitude, no?

Here's a photo of the model. This is the Act I set. The first act happens 500 years ago, in an artists studio. A statue is being carved. And she has a crush on her creator. Go scene...

Some models come painted, some don't. Those that don't come with research and/or renderings. Below are some research photos for the texture, look and color of the studio interior. As usual, click on the photos for enlargements.

Next are some of the research pix for the statue:

And lastly; a mock up of the Demeter costume, modeled by statuesque stitcher Polly Fossey. Polly is seated on our version of the above chair, part of what will become the real statue base. We will build two complete statue costumes, chairs and pedastals. One for each Act. Why? Five Hundred years pass between Acts... things age. Some well and some not so well. Then there's acid rain and pidgeons.

A large confab was recently held with our costumers, properties artisans, and costume designer Jenny Mannis reviewing the work so far and laying out the plans for the next steps. Thanks every one, it's looking great.

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