March 15, 2007

Breaking the Silence

It's been five days since I've posted, and it's not because there is no news. Earlier in the week I was pulling long days in order to get a grant proposal done, and make sure we're on track for the Well Opening and Persephone rehearsals in order to get to ready for my trip to Phoenix for USITT and PMF.

I'm here now... and I'm going to enjoy it because Michael has already warned me about the mountain of budget work we'll be reviewing next Tuesday.

I'm hoping that Temple Gill will do a little blogging over the next few days to tell you about the Well Opening Night, which I sadly missed but heard was a GREAT performance, and also to let you know about our cast for Persephone. Hint Hint Temple!

In misc news - you East Coasters have about an hour left to enjoy a free coffee at Starbucks.

The Exhibitionist is continuing to report on the saga of the ICA's elevator. If he's looking for more elevator drama - I've got it: Calderwood Pavilion, 18 months, hydraulic fluid and rag fibers. It's heady stuff. Maybe I'll write a play.

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