March 28, 2007

Noah to the Rescue

Here's an article (and photo) on Persephone playwright Noah Haidle from the Phoenix. The reporter barely survived the interview.

We had a few of those moments, where laughter catches you by surprise, today in rehearsal. We needed someone as the statue for a few hours while we rehearsed some blocking and read lines. Noah sat in. It's always interesting to hear a writer read their own words, and we knew we could count on Noah to discover some new meaning for us. He did.

Even more fun happened during the first dress run of Act II tonight. The actors change costumes many many times. Seth got held up in a quick change leaving Mimi out on stage (as a doped up hooker) for about three minutes. Did we stop? Noooooo.... she explored every nook and cranny of the stage and played with every piece of trash (set dressing) there was. In character. I wish I had been able to tape it for you... by the time Seth made it onstage he had to wait for all of us to recover from our fits of laughter.

And then eight out of nine pidgeons died on cue.


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