March 2, 2007

TGIF (I think)

The week has roared right by, and it's been busy busy everywhere. Up in the rehearsal hall they have run the play in it's entirety twice now, and I'll join them tomorrow for their final run, and their final day, in the rehearsal hall. The show is about 90 minutes... but it really doesn't ever slow down to breathe. It's going to take us a while to get through all of the tech on this one!

Onstage was also reasonably frenetic; with the lighting install beginning on Monday, scenery on Tuesday, and then set dressing (props) on Thursday. (Photo R: Brandon Ribordy -Asst. Props Master - looking at a photo of the Broadway production and trying to find where the thingy in his hand goes) Today our carpenters put on the full court press to get us ready for Sunday's tech. The masking went up, and all of the automated bits were checked and double checked. We'll have a few folks in tomorrow to tweak this and that. Lighting is also working late tonight to get ready for focus in the morning.

One of the first images you'll see in this production is the living room of Ann Kron's house. Ann is Lisa Kron's mother. Ann is played by Mary Pat Gleason. Lisa Kron is played by Lisa Kron. It's confusing so I'm going to keep repeating it. Anyway - Ann seems to like collecting stuff. LOTS of stuff!

Brandon and Kris Holmes (Props Master) spent most of yesterday dressing the living room. They had the process down pat; they hung up photos of each area, grabbed an item from a box, and then played "Where's Waldo". We are recreating the Broadway production's dressing, and then I'm sure we'll tweak it a little bit. Here are a few more closeups - you're not going to get this kind of view from your seat in row S. Click on the photos for a larger view.

We'll be getting more content about Well up on our regular Huntington Theatre Company website as we approach opening night. Keep a look out. I hear that we might be soliciting some of your best meddling Mom/Crazy Daughter stories in exchange for a chance to win a massage for two up on Newbury Street. Sweet! This contest is now posted; click here to tell us your story.

One of the reasons we're a little slow to get content up on our website is that we're having trouble finding people to administrate it; like a webmaster and a database administrator. Really folks - there has to be someone out there who is great with computers AND wants to work in the fun, albeit challenging environment of a non-profit theatre company. Lots of us manage to afford it. Why not YOU!?! Seriously though... we do have a few jobs open here at the Huntington Theatre Company so check them out and help us spread the word. We also have a new professional internship program and I'll be posting a couple of production positions for next season soon.

I had the pleasure of chatting with a group of visually impaired students in the theatre earlier this week. I apologize that I can't remember where they were from, but I'll add that info here next week. Anyway - one of the kids asked me if "anyone lived here". I told him that sometimes it felt like it! There may be a few days when I won't actually be at one of our theatres this month... but I'll be on duty none-the-less. Same for a few others of us around here. The good news is I should get through a little more of my backlogged desk work AND you will probably see a rise in the quantity of posts.

Have a great weekend!

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