April 22, 2007

Tell me about it

I happened to glance at our blog's sidebar today and noticed something kinda scary; this is post number One Hundred and One.

I don't think we can call the Huntington blog "new" any more.

One fateful September day I walked into Temple Gill's office and innocently volunteered to contribute some content. How hard could it be to do a little writing about what's going on around here? I figured once I started others would join in...

I cautiously typed out my first entry after a few test posts with Temple's help and we were off and running. We've had over 40 comments, and hardly a day goes by without someone calling or sending me an email with a tidbit of info to share with you. Thank you for all of your encouragement and your contributions.

It's been amazing to watch our daily readership grow from just a handful in the first weeks, climb from 15 to 40 a day during the run of The Cherry Orchard, to now over 500 visits a week this month.

Temple and her gang had come up with the catch phrase of "Join the conversation" and it really seems to fit well in this format, and indeed what makes it work.

So - I'm going to ask a favor of you.

Why? Over the next week or so I won't be in the office (or at home even) to contribute much in the way of new content. We've got the first rehearsal for Present Laughter on Tuesday and then I'm off to London on Wednesday evening to see the West End production of The 39 Steps, which we'll be bringing to you as our season opener next fall. I'm getting a backstage tour, seeing the show a few times, and meeting with director Maria Aitken and set/costume designer Peter McKintosh to discuss our production. We'll build a new set with new props and costumes for Boston and then send the whole thing on to Broadway. I'll return on Sunday, to then head off to our annual gala fundraiser Spotlight Spectacular on Monday.

The Favor? Easy - join the conversation.

Please Blog back at me... I'd love to see you post your musings in the form of comments on the many topics we have discussed in the last seven months. Take a look around the blog, the links in the sidebar will help you find your way, and hit the "join the conversation" link that appears in the footer of each post to tell us whatever comes to mind.

I'll do my best to respond, point you to the new comments, and keep the conversations rolling.

And maybe I'll send you a digital postcard or two from "across the pond". Cheerio!

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