April 10, 2007


Director of Education Donna Glick sends us a monthly report on her department's activities. This month she let some others do the talking:

Noel McCoy wrote the following about POETRY OUT LOUD.

"American Idol" can't be as much fun as this: 23 talented high school kids in an intense competition use poetic language to express themselves and the poet. It is a great idea created by the NEA and the Poetry Foundation.

Their performances always had intelligence and individuality. Each contestant recited two poems and the ten finalists had to do a third. Their selections (from a book of poetry supplied by the Poetry Foundation) were diverse; funny, sad and everything in between.

The audience, mostly comprised of anxious parents and teachers, were very focused and extremely supportive of all the contestants. I went home thinking about the poems that had been important to me and where had I left them.

A brief note about that amazing machine called the Education Department: Donna Glick and her associates, Lynne Johnson, Amanda Rota, Naheem Garcia, Michelle Holmes, Kirsten Kennedy, Janet O'Hare and Elisha Sawyer. The planning and execution of the event was impeccable as always. I am so used to it that I hardly even notice it anymore. They were great. It made me very proud to be with the Huntington."

Photo: Poetry Out Loud winner Gabrielle Guarrancino of Rockland High School. A little more info is available here.

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