April 2, 2007

Competing with Well

Our intrepid stage managers reported the following from Saturday Evening's Performance...

An EXCEPTIONAL show tonight and a wild/crazy night of theatre. The show tonight was a great one and the house was an extremely responsive and energetic crowd. Ms. Gleason and Ms. Kron had a great time tonight onstage and their performances really played nicely off of each other.

There was a patron sleeping in the back of the balcony tonight whose cell phone rang several times (and did not wake him up) leading into the “Princess of Five”.

Ms. Kron (after the fourth round of rings) said to the audience…and I quote, “They [the ensemble] are gonna be right back. While I’m waiting would be a good time to answer your cell phone. Please answer your cell phone. If you don’t answer your cell phone someone will come into the theatre and have you… killed.”

The audience clapped; it seems they would have liked the patron with the cell phone killed as well. House management was called and the patron was woken up, spoken to, and his cell phone was turned off. Capital punishment averted. Not to be outdone, the patron then began snoring rather loudly about ten minutes later.

Curtain call was taken to thunderous applause and the entire upper section was on their feet as well as many in the orchestra. In general, it was a fantastic show tonight despite the strange occurrences in the house.

This is not the first cell phone issue we've had during the run, despite a strong and humorous warning at preshow. Seems there might be a solution for the future.

Well runs through this Sunday only. Doesn't seem right. I want to see it again.

Every night in the theatre is a unique. Tell us what happened at the performance you attended that made it special for you.


Anonymous said...

This is BRILLIANT! Good lord - this blurb should be worked into every show out there!

Brett Marks said...

Paint that blocks cell phones? Yeah, that's kind of amazing.