April 27, 2007

Back Stage at the Criterion

I've completed my duties in London - having seen The 39 Steps a couple of times, taken a backstage tour and met some great people here at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. I may tell you a bit more about that later, but for now you'll have to settle for a backstage tour of your own. Click here.

You can get to know Richard Hannay here.

You can rent the Hitchcock movie (I got it from Netflix). If you're short for time, you can view this 3 minute version below.

PS> The 39 Steps will be the first production of our 2007-2008 season, beginning performances on September 14, 2007 at the BU Theatre.

And here's a fun advertisement for the London Production.

I'm now officially a full time tourist for the next 24 hours. Cheerio!


Anonymous said...

I hope the actress i've just seen in the backstage tour of London's Criterion Theatre is coming to Boston - gee but she's hot to trot! is she as much of an actress as she is a babe?

Todd Williams said...


Hot to trot, eh? I'll admit Rachel is beautiful and yes; even more so a talented actress. The costumes by Designer Peter McKintosh didn't hurt either; the period clothes had beautiful lines and were exquisitely tailored.

Hopefully Rachel will still be performing in the West End production this fall when we open in Boston. We'll be casting here in the US.

I have to say the London cast was amazing. It is a very physical show, definitely a comedy, yet these guys never let it get camp.