April 26, 2007

Temple's Meet and Greet

Hello! It's Temple Gill, here, making my first posting to the blog while Todd is winging his way across the pond to London. Looking at his previous post, he's right that he casually mentioned to me last fall that he'd be interested in contributing to our new blog.

Contributing? Well, he has taken the ball and run with it, creating a vibrant behind the scenes look at the Huntington that has been incredibly interesting and informative both to the general public, and to our own staff! I hadn't meant to leave him hanging all by himself for so long, but he is doing a terrific job (and if you think so, too, please leave him a comment on the blog - he'd love it, and it would assuage my guilt that this is only my first post).

in Todd's absence, I wanted to share some video he took at our meet-and-greet for Present Laughter on Tuesday, the first rehearsal where the entire cast and staff get together to kick off our production.

In this brief video, you'll hear Artistic Director Nicholas Martin and Managing Director Michael Maso welcome the cast, and then set designer Alexander Dodge shows off his set model, Mariann Verheyen speaks briefly about her costume designs, and lighting designer Rui Rita teases the cast a bit. Click on the play button below to enjoy this insider's peek at our first rehearsal:

And don't forget that our Present Laughter $25 one-day sale is tomorrow!


Ann McLaughlin said...

Yay for Temple! Thanks for filling in while Todd's out! Love the blog - it's the best way for me to keep abreast of all the Huntington activities!

Todd Williams said...

Thanks for posting Temple!

Regarding the video; How many death threats did I receive today? And how come Nicky has more hair than I do?

Anonymous said...

I'll be seeing this play in May and I really enjoyed watching this behind the scene video.
Thank you so much for sharing it.