October 10, 2006

Sneak Peek!

So here's the first sneak peek... a preliminary model photo of ACT II of The Cherry Orchard with scenery designed by Ralph Funicello.

Mauritius is beginning to settle into a nice run, with preview performances and rehearsals this week, with ongoing work on the show by director Rebecca Taichman and playwright Theresa Rebeck. This work paid off on Sunday Night with our first standing ovation. We struggled to find the right feel and look for the living room making many changes in the set dressing. Thanks to everyone who kept on going until we found the right look.

Oh yeah, Radio Golf closes on Sunday, and rehearsals for Rabbit Hole begin today.

Again, welcome to the Huntington's blog. I'm new at this... And trying to figure out what you're interested in hearing about what goes on behind the scenes at the Huntington. A little bit about me.... As production manager I oversee all of the individual production departments including Scenery, Paints, Properties, Costumes, Lighting, Sound and Stage Management. We have over 30 full time and seasonal production staff, and we can add another 30 -40 part time technicians and artisans on any particular production. I also work with our other departments (artistic, general management, finance, development, marketing, education, and the BU Theatre program) to plan and coordinate budgets, seasons, design teams, and operational issues. I'm celebrating my 15th season with the Huntington this year.

Have a question for me? Shoot me an email at twilliams@huntingtontheatre.bu.edu or post a comment on the blog. I'll see what kind of response I get and post something again by week's end.

(Photo above: The Cherry Orchard set design by Ralph Funicello.)

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