October 24, 2006

Rabbit Hole Countdown:

Here’s the plan – give our readers an idea of how a production moves from shop and rehearsal to the stage. Here’s how. I’m going to count down to opening night with updates on each day’s activities as we head towards opening night of Rabbit Hole on November 8. When did it all start? April 2006. This production was one of the last to appear in our line-up, I let my staff know we were doing the show around May 5th, 2006. A Huntington production takes at least seven months to put together from the time we’ve chosen the play. The first order is to select an Artist Team; Director, Scenic Designer, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, and Stage Managers. It takes about three months to get to a final scenic design, from the first conversations between the designer and director, to the final technical drawings that work within the approved budget. Scenery build started 9/5, props and paints shortly thereafter, rehearsals and costumes build/shopping started 10/10, and lighting and sound started prepping for load in last week.

Our Team: Director – John (Joey) Tillinger, Scenic Designer – Jim Noone, Costume Designer – Laurie Churba, Lighting Designer – Dennis Parichy, Sound Designer/Composer – John Gromada. And of course Playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. The bios are not yet up on our web site, but I’ll add the new links as soon as they become available. Look them up here if you want to in the meanwhile.

The hardest part of this assignment? Keeping it blog short.

Question of the day: Why is it called Rabbit Hole? I guess I should read the script again.

Anyway, here goes… we’re down to 17 days before opening night.

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