October 18, 2006

Stumbling around

Here are a few things I've stumbled upon in the last several days. It's not necessarily about backstage at the Huntington, more about what catches my eye. If you want the backstage stuff you gotta ask...

For our Tom Stoppard fans, a neat article in the New York Times about the new Stoppard trilogy coming up at the Lincoln Center. It talks about the difficulties of getting such a large production together, and finding name actors, directors, and designers to commit for such a long period. Good luck to them. While I'd love to tackle a project with a $7m budget someday, I'm glad we don't do rep!

Also, via email, an invitation from Jim Petosa, Director of the School of Theatre: Jim says "I am writing to get word to you about an exciting performance opportunity coming up this weekend at the Boston University Theatre. The School of Theatre will be presenting Tom Stoppard and Andre Previn's collaborative piece for six actors and 47 piece orchestra, EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOUR. This a fine piece of theatre that is seldom seen because of its unique requirements. If you would like to attend please contact the box office at 617 933 8600." or visit www.bostontheatrescene.com

I enjoyed this article in the Globe by Catherine Foster about new play development in Boston (and well, yes, the Huntington).

Congrats to cast, crew, staff......... EVERYONE on a great opening night for Mauritius last night. A full house of family, friends, and press filled the Wimberly for an energetic and exciting performance, followed by a cast party in Deane Hall. We're keeping our fingers crossed for good reviews in the Friday papers. Mauritius Factoids: Did you know that one million in hundred dollar bills weighs 20lbs? The suitcase full of cash (theoretically) contains $3 million (yet since it's a prop only weighs 10-15lbs) and yes, we'll fix the latch.

In this morning's email:

"Hi - I want to express how nice everyone was working on the play.
What a good staff. I also liked the theater.
By very best to you all"
(Scenic Designer) Eugene Lee

Last but not least, some of my favs: my two favorite local Arts blogs are Joel Brown's HubArts.com and the Boston Globe's Exhibitionist ("Buzz Off, Huntington!" says Geoff Edgers). Playbill.com and TCG have the word on Theatre across the nation. And for local folks in the biz... StageSource.

(as for the photo... Well everyone was stumbling around, over, under and through the Radio Golf set on Monday as it sat in our Huntington Ave shops waiting to be loaded into three semi trucks bound for Chicago on Tuesday)

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