October 25, 2006

17... 16...

Day 17: Sunday, October 22, 2006

The BU Theatre production of Stoppard’s EDBGF closed with a 2PM matinee. The lighting department came in after the performance and changed the lighting rig over to the plot for Rabbit Hole. The first thing to happen in any load in is the overhead stuff, lighting pipes, scenery pieces and speakers (load in = installation of the scenery, lighting and sound equipment. We usually allow 5-6 days). It’s also the last day of rehearsal for the week up in the rehearsal hall. Today’s notes are light including a request for shift meeting, the costume fitting schedule for Tuesday, and a request to record some voice-overs. All routine. We finally got the boiler turned on so they could have a little heat. Then it started spouting hot water... I turned if off, told the custodian, and headed out to my garden. It was a beautiful day.

Over at Mauritius we had a mess with the automation at the matinee. The shifts happened, though a little late, the cast wasn’t thrilled, and the issues were solved by the evening performance. I don’t think it will happen again. Hopefully the stage manager will call me this time if it does, though I enjoyed the nice weather out of doors.

(BTW – the Mauritius reviews are incredible! My fav quote "A super boffo hit". Get your tickets soon. It’s a limited run.)

And the important stuff – Quizno’s finally opened across the street. We’re all excited.

Day 16: Monday, October 23, 2006

Day off for the actors today (they work six days a week).

The Scenery staff takes to the stage installing the portals and putting in the deck. Our Technical Director is out for a while, so ATD Adam Godbout and Shop Foreman Brian Sears have stepped up and are doing a great job trying to keep things running smoothly. The entire scene shop pulled together last week to get caught up and ready for today, putting in minimal overtime. Thanks Gents. Glad you got the rest yesterday. It’s going to be a LONG week.

The fixtures that go in the window light boxes did not arrive yet. At least DHL is paying for the shipping since they didn’t deliver.

Roberto and Lori in Paints are racing to finish up the pieces the shop got to them today so that they at least get a base coat before they are installed later this week. The space crunch and Mauritius note hit paints hard, but as scenery moves to the stage they’ll be able to spread out and breathe a bit. We’ll get to see some their fine wood-grain technique again on this one. Lunch is on me you two.

That’s all for today. The first day or two of load in is kind of dull (visually)... It's laying in the infrastructure mostly, so you get very little sense of what it’s going to be.

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