October 30, 2006

13... 12... Rabbit Hole count down continues

Day 13: Thursday, October 26th, 2006

A very short post today. I got back to the office from NY around 1:30. Checked Email, answered phone messages and checked in onstage. All of the sudden there was scenery, and lots of it! The stage was a flurry of activity with all sorts of work being done on the Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom wagons. Looking good. Mom came into town to see Mauritius so I took off to meet her for dinner at 5:30.

Day 12: Friday, October 27th, 2006

It all begins to look like we'll be ready for Sunday's first technical rehearsal. There will be a few things missing, like some moldings, a couple of last minute adds, and some set dressing. Kris and crew were busy doing some re-upholstery and the carps were in the way on the wagons anyway. Props will be very busy Sunday morning getting everything moved down from the rehearsal hall, dressing the three rooms (including a fully stocked kitchen, and yes IKEA came through on the appliances for us).

At the end of the day we gave the automation a test run. The photo is of one of our new winch motors. It's called a "Pushstick". Not the kind of pushstick I used in summer stock! We're using three winches to move the Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom. The Kitchen is the heaviest wagon, weighing over a ton, and is run by 1.5 HP motor. Each wagon rolls on about 125 skateboard wheels, chosen for their small size, and we use so many for weight distribution. The Kitchen and Living Room are meant to travel together for most of the show, even though they are driven by separate motors. When it's all said and done the scene changes will happen at a push of a button from the computerized automation desk.

Click here to see Shop Foreman Brian Sears having a little fun as we do a prelim attempt at running them together. Also shown are Associate Technical Director Adam Godbout, Stage Manager Eileen Kelly, and Light Board Operator Jenni Russell. (I had this embedded before, but it was messing with the blogs layout).

Tomorrow is the Lighting Focus and Dry Tech.

And a final plug for MAURITIUS. The rave reviews have continued to pour in. Two weeks left in the run. That's it... Don't miss. See a nice slideshow with actors Marin Ireland and Michael Aranov here.

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That video was awesome! Keep them coming please. I can't wait to see this show...