October 28, 2006

15.... 14....

Day 15: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Things are looking good onstage, all of the wagons are in place and the painted wood flooring is being installed. We had our weekly production meeting in the morning, discussing the details of the load in, and the requirements of the show. Nothing too exciting.

Costume Designer Laurie Churba is in town until Tuesday morning, so there is a frenzy of costume fittings and hair styling going on.

“What kind of schedule do you work?” I was recently asked. I tend to work 10-6ish, Monday through Friday. Except when we’re in onstage technical/dress rehearsals and previews. Then it’s something like 10 AM – Midnight. And whenever else they need me.

The Huntington is open for business pretty much 16 hours a day when we’re in performance is open from 7 AM – 11 PM.

7AM – 4PM Scene Shop and Paint Shop Open
8AM – 5PM Properties and Lighting Open
9AM – 6PM Costumes and Sound Open
9AM – 6PM Administrative Offices Open
11AM – 5PM Rehearsals in progress
11AM – 8:30 PM Box Office Open
Our stage crew works about 5 hrs per performance, so for an 8 PM curtain that is roughly 6PM – 11PM
The FOH (front of house) staff close up the building at night’s end at the Calderwood Pavilion. On Huntington Ave it’s the night custodian.

Day 14: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Today I’m off to NY to attend the opening night of Butley. A handful of senior staff and about 30 Board members and their guests are going down for the performance and parties to cheer Nicky on and see Nathan Lane in a repeat of 2003’s runaway Huntington success. More on that in the next post.

After checking in with my staff and getting a little desk work done I hop in a cab with designer Laurie Churba. She is also the costume designer for Saturday Night Live and is heading back to NY to prepare the weekend’s show. All went well at our fittings this week and Laurie estimates that we have 94% of the costumes ready for Rabbit Hole. She will return Monday to do some shopping locally for that final 6%. Our first dressed rehearsal is Tuesday evening.

A modern show is mostly “shopped”. The costume designer and assistant have been shopping all over Boston and NY to get the right clothes for our cast. Very often we will purchase three or more choices for each look, and then work with the cast member and the director to choose the right one. And then we go back and do returns. A LOT of them, we have returned over $5000 worth of clothing for some shows. I think we bought 17 pairs of jeans for Carol Mulroney until we finally found the right ones.

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