April 11, 2008

Singing Spring

It is getting mighty songful around these parts. We've presently got the cast and crew of Il Barbiere di Siviglia is here for first tech tonight. You can tell how much I've got to do during tech in my role of the buck stops here supervisor. Usually my staff can handle most of the stuff that comes at them during tech - leaving me to watch, take notes, and well - blog.

The photo above is of the lit set model by BU School of Theatre Designer Julia Noulin-Merat. Julia is a Master's candidate. If you click on the above picture you can see more of the model pictures and learn almost all there is to know about Julia. Check out her links page - some pretty cool browsing there...

Barber - as I like to call it 'cause I'ma nota so good with the Italiano - is our annual co-production with Boston University's College of Fine Arts. The School of Music (The Opera Institute) provides the direction and talent, The School of Theatre provides the designers, stage managers and some backstage crew, and the Huntington builds and installs the scenery, props, costumes, lights and sound. It is a great partnership where we really get to work with the students with whom we so intimately share our production and performance facilities. We all benefit. Click on some of the BU links here - the school has been updating their websites and it all looks pretty swell.

Oh yeah - tickets for the production which plays (next weekend only)
at the Boston University Theatre can be purchased at our BostonTheatreScene.com website.

"Your ticket to Boston's most exciting Theatre"! (exclamation point mine)

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