April 13, 2008

She Loves Me: The Videos

So it was really late on Friday night and I thought I'd look and see what You Tube had for videos from She Loves Me. I had no idea.

Here is a selection for your viewing enjoyment; there are currently 27 of them and I'm adding more as I go. Heck - I might even add yours if you send me the URL. There are some gems here including Ruthie Henshall, Barbara Cook, Audra McDonald, even Jack Cassidy. Then there are a few recitals, High School and College productions, and even an abridged version (clips 21-27), each with a charm of it's own. Enjoy!!


I'll be blogging a lot more over the next month or so - there will be tons to write about and show you. I thought about committing to doing a post every day. Then I regained my sanity for a millisecond. I hope you will ask questions and comment... I do like talking to myself, but only so much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Okay, I'm hooked! You have put together such a fun sampling of what we all have to look forward to with the Huntington's "She Loves Me" with this great You Tube compilation.

Catherine Peterson

P.S. Jack Cassidy? While he's no Gordon MacRae, he is quite wonderful in that hip '60s way. Thanks for bringing him back to me with the swinging clip from the Dinah Shore show.