April 2, 2008

Blogging Breaking Ground: Day Two

Hi all!

Yesterday was a wildly productive day. UNKNOWN SOLDIER Musical Director, Steven Malone, worked through all the music with the cast, many of whom were wielding digital recorders to get samples of all they have to learn by Thursday night. Doing a reading of a musical seems an awful lot like actor/singer bootcamp. They sang all day yesterday, are sure to review everything today, and then jump right into textwork with their director, Will Frears, and creators Michael Friedman and Daniel Goldstein. They have a couple hours tomorrow to finish-up and then they'll perform for all of you on Thursday night. Whew.

As a former intern at HTC, and after having worked in similiar capacities at a handful of other theaters, I know, first-hand, the adventures of interning. Today holds such excitement for Faye Stone Intern (and recent BU grad, fabulous actor, and all-around nice guy) Jared Craig. Here's the story: Maria Thayer, the accomplished actress playing Lucy LeMay in UNKNOWN SOLDIER, was called back on short notice to return to the set of her latest film project. She'll be in D.C. for the day, then return for Thursday's rehearsal and reading. This is part of the excitement of bringing in exceptionally talented actors from out of town -- they're always in demand!

[Note for all you Amy Sedaris fans: Ms. Thayer played Tammi Littlenut in the STRANGERS WITH CANDY film of 2005. See you at the reading on Thursday night.]

So, what is the point of this reflection on the intern experience, Jared Craig, and Tammi Littlenut, you ask?

We're out an actress today, so Jared is stepping in to read her part during rehearsal. (It's been an exciting few months for Jared -- he recently played Lucius, the deaf mute boy in ART's production of Julius Caesar.)

Hey Maria... watch out!

More soon--


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