April 5, 2008

Blogging Breaking Ground: Day Five


Tonight’s reading of Nathan Louis Jackson’s Broke-ology was especially exciting, as it was the beginning of Mr. Jackson’s storm of Massachusetts! As you know, Jackson’s play was read tonight in Boston and, as you might not know, it will receive its world premiere production this summer just west of the city. It was recently announced that Jackson’s play will be produced this July as a part of Williamstown Theatre Festival’s 54th season.

Massachusetts state bird? Chickadee.
Massachusetts state insect? Ladybug.
Massachusetts state bean? Baked navy bean.
Massachusetts state playwright of the season? Nathan Louis Jackson.

1 comment:

Stupid n Silly said...

I can't wait for the world premiere of Broke-ology ... Like KU, Nathan Jackson delivered a great performance/script shedding light on self-reflection that each character goes through.

On the other note, a new term was created yesterday - stupidiology - science of being stupid. Just realized I have PHD in that ;-)