October 6, 2007

Noone-athon: buh bye Atheist, hullo Brendan

Here's wishing The Atheist folks a fond farewell. Though it feels like months ago, it closed just last Sunday. It was a great run with many people enjoying Campbell's performance and the work of our fine Design team and crew. Did I mentioned that three of our four designers were from the BU Theatre program?

There were also a few special guests in the house: South Enders got a glimpse of both Steve Martin and Terrance McNally last Saturday. BostonNOW got the details.

Our work with playwright Ronan Noone, however, continues. We begin technical rehearsals for Brendan in the Wimberly Theatre tomorrow. I'm sitting in the theatre now watching Lighting Designer Jeff Croiter and crew focus the lights, photo below.

There is a final run through of the show up in Deane rehearsal hall in a little while which I will watch with Scenic Designer Alexander Dodge and Sound Designer Fitz Patton. Then home I go to get some laundry done. I'll add some links between loads.

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