October 25, 2007

Boston talks "Brendan" at the Calderwood Pavilion

Audiences at the Huntington Theatre Company production of Brendan talk to us about their experience!

Video by Laura Haughey & Paul Lyzon of CDIA

Note the appearance of HPF Lydia Diamond - who snuck in unrecognized by our audience wranglers.

Tell us what in the play moved you - or how you liked the video. Click the comments link below.

I attended last night's opening and managed to squeeze myself into the very full house. I sat near Boston theatre notables Jeff Poulos, Tony McLean, Jill Pearson, and Naheem Garcia. Their guffaws and gasps, sighs and hoots, were all nearly as much fun to experience as the performance itself. Watching an audience lose themselves completely in a performance is my best and favorite paycheck. I have to fess up to tuning in and adding a sob and sniffle to the mix. The post show festivities were also very well attended and everyone was having a great time. And I still managed to make it home by the fourth inning.

The reviews hit today and it's great to see that our press also had a genuinely enjoyable experience. Today's reports were also full of notices that Nicholas Martin may accept the Artistic Director position at Williamstown Theatre Festival starting with this summer's season. Nicky sent a nice note to staff and board members yesterday giving us a heads up. He is a busy , busy man and yet is still keeping me running with advance planning on She Loves Me well underway. Anyone have a decent dance studio in the neighborhood that we might use for a few weeks in April/May?

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