October 9, 2007

39 Steps Boston - last chance

Our new friends from The Roundabout have been a few times in the last week, and we're expecting a few more visits. The production will move to their American Airlines Theatre for a nice three month run on Broadway sometime around New Year's. We look forward to working with you!

We've been working once a week or so with our understudies and they have been doing a fabulous job. The challenge has been that there is only one understudy for the two clowns. That makes sense for performance, but it's a little tough for rehearsals where the other half of the team is the same guy! Luckily the stage crew have been stepping into the act and helping out. I hear that many of them have stepped in and performed a role during the rehearsals to help out . Sounds like fun! I hear Ryan, Pat and Christine have all taken star turns. Wish I had video on that...

We're going to miss this gang, but we're also looking forward to Streamers which began rehearsals today. Maybe we'll all take a field trip to NY in January or February and see how our The 39 Steps friends are doing on Broadway.

Here's one more glimpse of The 39 Steps brought to you courtesy of the Boston Phoenix. I like how they assembled our b roll - see for yourself below.

One last reminder: I was talking to Jim Torres at SpeakEasy Stage tonight while writing this post here in the Calderwood Pavilion lobby. He mentioned, in addition to The 39 Steps, their production of Zanna, Don't! also closes on Sunday with an additional performance. Both shows can be purchased at BostonTheatreScene.com

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