October 18, 2007

Brendan - Dress Rehearsal Photos

JMK came through with a few pics tonight after all.... enjoy!

Dashiell Eaves as the title character in “Brendan”

Brendan (Dashiell Eaves) gets a lecture on friendship and loyalty from bartender Josh (Tommy Schrider) as his mother (Nancy E. Carroll) looks on.

Brendan (Dashiell Eaves) confronts his ever-present mother (Nancy E. Carroll) in the Huntington’s world premiere production of “Brendan” by Ronan Noone, running thru Nov. 17 at the Calderwood Pavilion. All Photos: T. Charles Erickson.

I've seen the production about 5 times now - but not since last Saturday, our second performance, when the company turned out a stellar performance. They have since been making good use of our preview period to fine tune the play. When you have a month of rehearsal, four designers, and lots of well meaning supporters around, there are a lot of ideas and suggestions to be considered. Now it's just Justin, Ronan, and the cast working together for a few hours a day to whittle that pile of ideas down to those that best support the play. I am looking forward to next Wednesday, our official Opening/Press Night, when I'll go back to see what they have accomplished without us!


Anonymous said...

These video clips are great.... but would be even better with clips from the shows too!!

Todd Williams said...

Thank you!

We don't have the budgets to produce live video clips for all of our productions, and we're currently playing around to see what kind of video content is most popular, so for Brendan it's just the audience reaction. We do know, however, that some press outlets are using some performance footage in their content. Keep an eye out - I'll be posting the links.