September 26, 2007

Inbox - Tuesday

Had a few nice surprises in my mailbox today:

BU Today published a video feature with Campbell Scott, Justin Waldman and Ronan Noone. Visit BU Today and take a look.

Huntington favorite Jerry Kissel (Persephone, The Cherry Orchard, Sisters Rosenswieg) recorded a radio spot for us... it's especially worth a listen if you know Jerry. Take a look under the videos in the side bar for the radio ad.

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Todd Williams said...

Dear Juan, Bill, Tyrone, Jimmy,

Thank you for your posts. Your comments were deleted as they seemed to be off topic and, um, a bit personal.

We welcome all comments but let's keep them clean, fun, and on-topic. Comment moderation has been enabled, but I will endeavor to put the real stuff up there ASAP.