September 24, 2007

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It's practically October around here - and things feel like it. We are about as busy as we ever get. Today was a good day though; after two days rest I managed to clear several of the piles from my desk and catch up on a little correspondence. The 39 Steps and The Atheist (now in it's final week) are currently enjoying tremendously successful runs. Brendan is settling into a very productive rehearsal with reports that over half the play was blocked in the first week. The set for Streamers is sitting backstage awaiting some final coats of paint, and in a few weeks we will begin to go to town on Third. We're looking well beyond January too...

We have had tens of thousands of new visitors on our websites (,, in the last few weeks. If you are one of those folks popping back in for a second visit I recommend you explore a little deeper and find out what it is that makes the Huntington a special place (I like to think so anyway).

Here on the blog all of the navigation is on the right hand side tool bar: I've got shows currently in production up top, and each of these links will take you to content specific to each show. These are followed by some insider tips, more Huntington links, a search function (need to find something or someone in particular?), blog archives, a selection of recent theatre news and reviews that I have collected for you, followed by Huntington contact info.

More than anything, I would love to hear from YOU. You can comment about nearly anything you like by clicking on the "Join the Conversation" link following each post.

On your gonna find tons of info about each show, and even more about the Huntington and our programs. We've got a new webmaster and the site is looking better every day with lots of updates and more content than ever before. We are also working on making it easier and faster for you to buy tickets online. How does "select your own seat" sound?? It sounds really great to me... no more taking chances on a seating location, you get to pick the seats you want! That's coming sometime this fall if all goes well.

Over on BTS you will find EVERYTHING that is going on with our partner companies, including Boston University and the Resident Theatre Companies at the Boston Center for the Arts. There is just no excuse for sitting at home in front of the DVR when there is such a variety of exciting theatre right at your finger tips.

Click it and take a scroll with us... and then tell us about what you found!

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