September 6, 2007

Run for it!

Today we rehearsed a bit of one of the more challenging chase sequences in The 39 Steps. We don't officially start tech until Sunday - but this scene requires the use of the technical wizardry only available on stage, so we joined the cast and spent three or four hours playing with all of our toys. It was a lot of fun and this show is shaping up nicely.

It's also fun to see that we are not making a carbon copy of the London production. Sure - it closely resembles the fun now playing in Piccadilly Circus - but it has a character all it's own.

I didn't get any video this afternoon, but I found the scenes from the Hitchcock movie that we're re-enacting. The part we rehearsed today starts about 2 minutes into this clip.

The 39 Steps play (rather fully) recreates The 39 Steps movie, but Hitchcock slips into the action in other ways (as Hitchcock will). We borrow from this classic movie too...

I have to say - the helicopter scene in Miss Saigon has NOTHING on us. See today's earlier post if you are interest in catching the whole thing on a larger screen.

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