September 16, 2007

39 Steps Previews

Preview rehearsals have been going very well this weekend, we're making small adjustments and refinements as we discover what works best with an American audience. Designer Peter McKintosh joined us on Thursday and the notes lists have been remarkably small given that it was the first time he had seen our scenery, costumes and props in person.

Friday's preview was, um, technically challenged. The crew have since been finding all sorts of ways to make their moves faster, funnier, safer, and consistent. Saturday evening's show was greatly improved and perhaps even calm at moments backstage.

The performances thus far have played to capacity crowds who are roaring their approval at curtain calls. We are all looking forward to tomorrow's day off, and Wednesday's Opening Night.

The Boston Globe has a nice article today written by freelancer (and HubArts blogger) Joel Brown. He spent a little time with us during rehearsal and talked with the cast, playwright Patrick Barlow and director Maria Aitken. Joel shares his behind the scenes peek with you here.

Cliff Saunders, Charles Edwards, Arnie Burton and Jennifer Ferrin rehearse a four-actor stage adaptation of "The 39 Steps." (Boston Globe Photo: John Bohn/Globe Staff)

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