June 8, 2007

Rhythm and Bruise

I've been a guest at the Calderwood Pavilion twice this week... it's very odd, but fun. Monday I attended "The Party" as a guest of Jeff Poulos over at StageSource. It was a great evening and nice to see so many familiar faces all in one place. Tonight I attended the 10th Anniversary Party for Wilson Butler - the Calderwood Pavilion's Architects. More familiar faces... it hardly seems like almost three years have passed since we cut the ribbon there together.

Anyway - as part of the Wilson Butler celebration we had a command performance from Snappy Dance Theater, who are also celebrating 10 years. I've been hearing from my staff about how much fun the String Beings piece is, and they were right, it's a great example of how you can use live digital projection as part of a performance. It is a truly enjoyable evening of dance theater, and since you probably won't be able to get tickets to Saturday evening's performance of Present Laughter why don't you head down to the Calderwood and enjoy Snappy Dance instead. Tickets at BostonTheatreScene.com, of course. And - I found this fun video from Snappy on You Tube. Enjoy!

Snappy Dance Theater Photo: Odd Egg Out, 1999, photo by Roger Ide


Anonymous said...

Quick question. I'm watching the Tony Awards and saw Brooks Ashmanskas. Didn't you have a matinee today? Did he leave last night and miss the show today? Who filled in?

Todd Williams said...

Yes - we had a matinee today, and Brooks was there. Brooks was taken to the airport immediately following his last exit and Mark Vietor took the lead at the song for curtain call. Here are this afternoon's performance notes:

A wonderful show this afternoon from the moment the cast arrived. There was an excitement and energy in the greenroom today surrounding Mr. Ashmanskas that kept the cast buzzing all the way through to the end. We were able to keep our schedule this afternoon and got Mr. Ashmanskas out the door at 4:18p. He had a wonderful show this afternoon…perhaps his best this week. Mr. Garber also had a wonderful show this afternoon. In fact, the show today was a great one. The energy onstage pushed everyone along nicely. A THUNDEROUS OVATION at curtain call with many on their feet. The cast did a wonderful job with the new curtain call and Mr. Vietor did a GREAT job of starting the song off to end the show. In summary, a great show to end the week.