June 14, 2007

Kiki & Herb Opens

I watched Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman in their KIKI & HERB ALIVE FROM BROADWAY dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon. If you could use a few laughs - including a few at yourself, well... you know...

I think the tour now has a new title - THE YEAR OF MAGICAL DRINKING. I'll have to agree - it is magical, and there is drinking. Have you ever seen anyone down a gallon of Bourbon in 90 minutes? It's only one of the many pleasures this evening of theatre offers. Aside from the electricity that Kiki and Herb themselves provide I was also impressed with the production value. This is the Broadway show - (ok, with a little new material - who can blame Kiki for talking about the Tony nomination and losing to a ventriloquist) and it shows - a great set by Scott Pask and Lighting by Jeff Croiter, ably executed by LD assistant Joel Silver.

I had intended to catch tonight's press opening, but I messed up and double booked myself with a prior committment to see Present Laughter. So I'll have to catch it another night. Are you going? Tell me about your experience...

>PS - See the special offer in the sidebar for tickets this weekend only!

Photo: Carol Rosegg

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