June 6, 2007

Opening Night Photo Album

JMK stayed late last night to send us a LOT of Opening Night photos. Thanks!
I have trouble when there are too many choices, so here are a bunch.
FYI - a bunch is less than a lot.

Our May 23rd opening night festivities included;
a) Dinner for 130 in Studio 210 with invited donors and special guests,
b) A red carpet reception complete with photographers prior to curtain,
c) A sold out high energy crowd for the evening's rousing opening performance of Present Laughter,
d) A post show cast party with staff, crew, board members and other special guests,
e) ...and a late start to the day on Thursday.

It's always a long long day, but it feels great to kick off the run with a big celebration, especially on our final subscription offering of the season. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the magic this year.

Here's a few peeks behind the scenes.

Huntington favorites Andrea Martin and Victor Garber

Overseer John and Trustee Susan Spooner

Overseer Sherry and Trustee Gerard Cohen

Cheryl McMahon and Nancy E. Carroll (Miss Erikson)

Audience services Staffers Penny Hansen and Will Roberts

Don Cornuet and Trustee Stephen Weiner

Sarah Hudnut, (Monica Reed) right, and her Mom, left

Richard Snee (Henry Lyppiatt)

Development staffers Kristina Stanley, Katie DeBonville, Michelle Williams, and PR staffer John Michael Kennedy

Chairman of the Board David Wimberly and Sue Dahlie

Huntington Favorites Jessica Stone, Christopher Fitzgerald and Andrea Martin

Woody Crowther and Trustee Jeanne Ryan , Trustee Judi and Douglas Krupp

Lisa Banes (Liz Essendine) and Pamela Gray (Joanna Lyppiatt)

Jill and Mitch Roberts (Trustee)

President of the Board Bill McQuillan, Managing Director Michael Maso, and Artistic Director Nicholas Martin

Trustee Bob Scott and Devo staffer Howard Breslau

Brooks Ashmanskas (Roland Maule)

Overseer Christopher Yens and marketing staffer Temple Gill

Click on the pix for larger images. Photos taken by Eric Antoniou and Laura Wulf. All names left to right unless otherwise noted. Please forgive me if I've mis-spelled your name.

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