June 20, 2007

Kiki, Herb, Judy?

I've seen stranger combinations...

Show business Legends Kiki & Herb (a.k.a Justin Bond - right, and Kenny Mellman - left) and Judy Garland (a.k.a. Kathy St.George - center) shared a rare, iconic moment together on the stage of the Wimberly last Tuesday evening. Rumor has it that Kiki had Judy up the tree at one point. No surprise there! After the photos, Kathy joined the enthusiastic audience in the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA for a shot of the Year of Magical Drinking tour.

Also attending were the Huntington's Managing Director Michael Maso, and ART's Associate Artistic Director/Dramaturg Gideon Lester. They were a little confused. The Huntington's got Kiki & Herb, ART has Noel Coward. Go figure. I just checked out the website for ART's upcoming "A Marvelous Party" - it's chock full of local favorites and sounds like a great time.

Here's a pic of Justin and Kenny with a friend celebrating at Kiki & Herb Night at Club Cafe last Friday after the show. There is no telling where these guys may turn up next.

Especially if there is a bar.

OK - that's not entirely fair. There is, really, much more to this show (and Kenny and Justin's talent) than booze, such as some rockin' piano playing (we've only had to replace a couple of piano strings), 90 minutes of scorching vocals, lots of opinion, and more than a few surprisingly moving moments. I'd hate to give the impression that this is all just fun and games, but I'll leave it to you to experience it for yourselves.

I have to confess I've not got much in the way of behind the scenes news for you on this production, so I'm still hoping that a few more our readers will step up and help us out by sharing their experience with this show. Hit that comment button below and share the spotlight. I'll keep adding links to the "It's all talk" post below.

Nightlife photo courtesy of Edge Boston


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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Todd Williams said...

Well ok then. I've always say you can find just about anything on the web.