June 18, 2007

It's all talk

Justin and Kenny spill the beans,
the newspapers testify,
and join the fun.

The critics assess,
Kiki & Herb burble.
and the bloggers chronicle. Some folks are even looking for a hotel room (ahem - and happy anniversary).

WBUR broadcasts (and points out the blog)!

Why are tongues a waggin'? Kiki and Herb, of course. Click on the links to find out why.

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In no particular order:
Alive and kitsching
It's the end of the world...
Boston Herald:Inside Track
What's on my Mind? Eve treats herself
Broadway to Boston rants
"She's a banshee" Bond tells the Boston Globe.
Playbill Online Points
"What the hell," says Rising from the Ashes
Culture Bot travesties (?)
The Globe makes it a date
Out.com features
Kiki & Herb(?) blog
Kenny and Justin talk Tony
Sushi, Kiki & Herb
Alive and Kicking
The Dig Previews
Song of the South End
This is not your Mother's cabaret program...
"Wake up. Eat your cereal. Be nice."

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Photo courtesy of Foster Management


Eric K. said...

My husband and I saw this on Thursday -- the day of the Mass. Constitutional Convention. We were in the mood to celebrate, and this was a GREAT way to do it!

Kiki and Herb were sensational -- dare I say "FABulous"? Consummate musicians with a great flare for comedy that I thought would be over the top... and was, occasionally, but even when it wasn't, they had the whole audience rolling.

Thanks, Huntington, and thanks to Kiki and Herb! We may have to see it again before they leave, if they haven't sold out...

Andy Fisher said...

I loved the performance. Think of the cheesiest lounge act (like those at a Holiday Inn bar near any airport) and the best drag performance you've ever seen. Put them together and you've got Kiki and Herb!

Todd Williams said...

I finally got to the show last night... it was even more fun than the dress rehearsal I talked about a few posts ago. My favorite number is "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg. One reviewer called it a "personalized and touching rendition". It was that, somehow, yet it was so much more. I also got to see "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for the first time... smashing.

It was an interesting mix of folks in the crowd, with a contingent of Huntington Subscribers there... not sure they knew what they were getting into, but they had big smiles on their faces.

I enjoy watching other peoples react to a performance - and there was plenty to see - from the 30 something couple just to the left of me who looked slightly perplexed throughout, to the 50 something pair of gents in front of me who clapped wildly over their heads after each number, to the screamers (hmm - some real K&H fans?)in the back row.

Thanks to Eric and Andy for leaving their comments here. Anyone else?