January 23, 2007

Tuesday Check in

I always forget how busy it gets around here in January/Feb. Must be some sort defense mechanism. I haven't been posting much of the backstage production news lately, so here's a little catch-up of what's going on and what you will be hearing about for the next few months.

Cherry Orchard
is up and running, starting it's final two weeks tonight. Keep an eye on our web site for continuing updates, reviews, and media clips.

Well is next up chronologically, we've picked up the Broadway props and costumes, by Miranda Hoffman (Mauritius), and are sorting through those. The set, by Tony Walton, will arrive next week. We'll be making some alterations, checking that it all works, looks good, and fits well in our space. We'll have to do a fair amount of work for costumes, as 5 actors are new to the production. Rehearsals begin Feb 13th.

The purchase of the Well set cleared up the shop schedule so that we could build a fully realized production for Persephone, and that is well underway in our shops. If you've been paying attention you've noticed that our winter and spring productions in the Wimberly have so far been shows that have been fairly small in scale. We thought we would try and mix it up a little this season. Persephone should be fun. And challenging. The lead role, after all, is a statue.

The Huntington shops, in April, build La Boheme for the BU Opera Institute. This production is designed by the BU Theatre program student designers and directed by Sharon Daniels. It's a unique opportunity for us to mingle with the students. This year, for the first time, the production is part of the Celebrity Series.

Present Laughter, in May, is the last build of the season. We're working on the final details of putting together a design team and should be underway with build in the shops in April.

Artistic is working on some great casting for these productions, and we're working on finding some additional Wimberly programming for later this season. Next season is shaping up nicely and we'll have a solid selection to tell you about come subscription renewal time.

So that's what you can look forward to for the next 5 months. Stay tuned.

In other news; I've updated a couple of posts with more news about Eugene Lee, and a few more opening night photos (from Boston Magazine). Late add: My Google Reader turned up this Nicholas Martin interview in the Edge

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