January 5, 2007

Cherry Orchard Dress Rehearsals

We had a nice preview article in the Boston Globe today. Click here to read it.

During rehearsals the orchestra seating is full of tables and computers for the designers, director, stagemanagers et al. Here's a peek to give you an idea.

Our Final two Dress Rehearsals were on Thursday. Associate TD Adam Godbout snapped a couple hundred photos. Here's one of my favorites.

Ranevskaya (Kate Burton), Gaev (Mark Blum) reminisce as Lopakin (Will LeBow) looks on.

The cast and artistic team take a bow at the end of rehearsal. Way too many peeps (and pooch) here for me to acknowledge... sorry.

and today, enjoying the warm temps outside, House Manager David Newcomb, Marketing Director Temple Gill, and Audience Services Manager Joey Riddle discuss opening night events. I like the camera on my new cell phone.

We've had a record number of new visitors to the blog in the last few days. Welcome!

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