January 17, 2007


Three or four items today:

1) The Cherry Orchard received some very nice attention from the New York Times in today's Arts section, with a nice review and a slide show, both available online.

2) from Ilana Brownstein more news about our playwrighting fellows:

I wanted to alert you all to a lovely review in the Globe for Huntington Playwriting Fellow Kate Snodgrass' one act, "Haiku," which is playing at BPT (Boston Playwrights' Theatre) on a joint bill with fellow Boston writer Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro's "Amazon."

Info about the show can be found here. It runs through this Sunday, January 21.

Congrats to Kate!

In other HPF (Huntington Playwriting Fellows) news, Melinda Lopez's "Sonia Flew" is about to get another production, this time at the Miracle Theatre Group in Portland, Oregon - it will be the Northwest premiere of the play.

Congrats, Melinda!

Cheers to All,

3) The Huntington will again be hosting Jacqui Parker's African American Theatre Festival, presented by the Our Place Theatre Project, this year at the Calderwood Pavilion at the Boston Center for the Arts in January/February. The main event is FROM THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA by Endesha Ida Mae Holland, Ph.D and there's plenty more.

4) Marketing passed along a few links from public radio including a piece with WBUR's Andrea Shea, Kate Burton, and playwright/adapter/translator Richard Nelson focus on the new adaptation the Huntington commissioned for this production.

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